Connect Network Inc - ConnectEXP Celebrates Multiple Wins at Prestigious ACEF Global Customer Engagement Awards Ceremony (April 2024, Mumbai)

Gold - Connect Network Inc - ConnectEXP Retail Touch Points and Merchandising - Creative for Winter care launch
Silver - Connect Network Inc - ConnectEXP BTL Activities - Successful Use of Technology for Womens Day Campaign
Spokesperson: Arti Singh, Director - Connect Network Inc.

Briefly describe your organization's background and its primary objectives:
Voted as one of the best startups in India by Best startup Asia, Connect stands at the forefront of unlocking creativity and transforming brands. Our collaborative approach involves closely working with clients to establish, educate, and reinforce effective decision-making processes, fostering mutual understanding between businesses and stakeholders. Committed to staying ahead in consumer engagement, we blend human and technological insights to create enriching experiences across all touchpoints. Our versatile agency, with a sizable team, is driven by a shared objective and a client-centric approach guided by future-oriented values. We strike a balance, combining the agility of a small agency with the rigorous structure and extensive expertise of a network agency. At Connect, our diverse marketing solutions encompass creative strategies, media planning and buying, digital marketing, out-of-home advertising, cinema advertising, experiential marketing, corporate social responsibility initiatives, smart solutions, and specialized communication services. Our ultimate goal is to deliver measurable results that positively impact our clients' bottom line. Choose Connect for a transformative journey where innovation meets tangible outcomes, setting new standards in the industry.

For how many years you are participating in ACEF Awards and how many awards did you win in Global Customer Engagement Awards 2024?
Being a 2021 Young startup, it's been 2years we have been participating. We have won 2 awards Gold & Silver. What specific initiatives or strategies did your organization implement that led to winning the Global Customer Engagement Award?:
Organizational win like the Global Customer Engagement Award by implementing innovative and effective strategies to engage and delight their customers. Some specific initiatives or strategies that we adopted that led us winning, like Personalization & Tailoring of the product & services, Offering Multi-channel engagement to the consumers, helping brands connect with its consumers. Use of Innovative Technology there by delivering transparent results & help building trust and connect between the brands & consumers.

What measurable outcomes or impacts have resulted from your customer engagement strategies? (e.g., increased customer satisfaction, retention rates, revenue growth, etc.):
1. Increased Customer Satisfaction: Higher levels of customer satisfaction can be measured through surveys, feedback ratings, QR code downloads and Net Promoter Score (NPS) improvements.
2. Improved Customer Retention Rates: Organizations can track retention rates over time to assess the effectiveness of their engagement strategies in keeping customers coming back through repeat purchases & word of mouth spread, regular engagements.
3. Revenue Growth: Increases in revenue can result from repeat purchases, upselling/cross-selling opportunities, and referrals generated by engaged and satisfied customers.

In what ways has winning the Global Customer Engagement Award impacted your organization?:
Winning at Global Customer Engagement Award is a prestigious win in the industry. It definitely adds a lot of value to our work credentials with the validation we get by winning the award, Enhances the reputation of the organization, increases our Creditability, opens up lot of opportunities for brand building and last but not the least it definitely boosts the Morale of the employees and motivates to continue striving for excellence in customer engagement. Can you provide any anecdotes or examples that demonstrate the effectiveness of your customer engagement efforts?: In activation data authencity, transparency, lead generation, measurability plays an important role and we being a tech driven company emphasis a lot on the data, insights and creativity. Through the effective use of QR code download activity we ensured footprints count, measurability of the activation campaign and conversions at the last mile. By actively engaging with their customers, the support team not only identified the specific pain points but also built stronger relationships with users. This led to a deeper understanding of customer needs and preferences, which in turn allowed the company to make targeted improvements to their product. How do you envision leveraging this award in your organization's future marketing and PR activities?: Winning the Global Customer Engagement Award presents an excellent opportunity for our organization to enhance our marketing and PR activities in several ways. We would be leveraging this in several ways by making announcements on Social Media channels, Update on the website, Share email with clients about the win and strengthen our brand reputation and differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.

Quotes for press releases regarding your award win:
We are honoured to receive the ACEF award in a row for the second year being a startup and this only gives us more confidence to win more and more awards every year and deliver best work in the Point of Sales & Merchandising space. Winning this award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team & last but not the least the trust of our clients who gave us the opportunity.

Are there any specific angles or themes you would like us to highlight in our PR materials about your organization's achievement?:
Certainly, here are specific angles and themes that may be highlighted; We are a tech driven organization, we believe in Innovative strategic approach, which delivers tangible results for our clients. Our ultimate goal is to deliver measurable results that positively impact our clients' bottom line. Choose Connect for a transformative journey where innovation meets tangible outcomes, setting new standards in the industry.